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Herbal Teas
  • Products marked with an asterisk are available in limited quantities. Please call for availability.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.

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Buy Item No. Description Price
C17020 Bronchial Wellness Tea (16 bags) $5.99
C22020 Cleanse & Detox Tea (16 bags) $5.99
C23020 Diet Slim Tea (16 bags) $5.99
C30020 Essential Tulsi Tea (16 bags) $5.99
C18020 Gas & Bloating Tea (16 bags) $5.99
C25020 Lactation Support Tea (16 bags) $5.99
C27020 Liver Cleanse Tea (16 bags) $5.99
C19020 Natural Laxative Tea (16 bags) $5.99
C31020 Organic Hibiscus Tea (16 bags) $5.99
C28020 Sinus Comfort Tea (16 bags) $5.99
C20020 Sleep & Relax Tea (16 bags) $5.99
C24020 Throat Shield Tea (16 bags) $5.99
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